Walter Khatchi
Eppendorfer Weg 247
20251 Hamburg

Öffnungszeiten: Dienstag bis Samstag von 12.00 Uhr bis 19.00 und nach Vereinbarung.
We are already now fixing the dates for our art exhibitions in 2010 / 2011. If you are interested in them please contact us by e-mail or by telephone.

For our exhibitions we prefer high-quality, fine, objective, pop-romantic, pop-surreal, exotic, bizarre, critical, ironic, shocking, signalizing, chaotic, provocative, absurd … works. If you are interested please send us your photos with measures and description of material and techniques by e-mail. We’ll deal with your e-mail immediately and suggest a date for an interview and inspection.

We ensure with the permanent exhibitions, with sales and auctions of art works in our own rooms or in cooperation with well-established art-auction houses to provide for a smooth procedure. The benefits for artists consist of a share of commission (20% gallery / 80% artist) . In an auction agreement the auction limit will be fixed at 30%-50% of the total value.